A Smashing Pot

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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Wolfgang will smash!


A Smashing Pot is a naturally spawning decoration exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. They are found both in the Rainforest Biome and in the Pig Ruins, usually in groups. They take two hits with a Hammer to be destroyed, and drop 0-2 Items on destruction.

Smashed pots will leave debris in their place that can't be removed.

The following table lists the items that A Smashing Pot can drop, as well as the chances of doing so:

Drop Chance Items
15% Twigs.pngCut Grass.png
7% Pig Skin.pngRot.png Log.pngCut Reeds.pngBamboo.png
4% Jerky.pngBone Shards.pngSeeds.pngCrow Feather.pngCrimson Feather.pngAzure Feather.pngBlueprint.png
2% Gold Nugget.pngSilk.pngScorpion.pngRabid Beetle.pngRope.png
0.9% Nightmare Fuel.pngLiving Log.pngHound's Tooth.pngRed Gem.pngPurple Gem.pngBlue Gem.pngOrange Gem.pngYellow Gem.pngGreen Gem.png
0.2% Thulecite.png