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That's some weird wood.


The Claw Palm Tree is a tree type exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. When chopped down with an Axe, it will yield up to 3 Cork, and like most other trees, the stump can be dug up to yield an additional Cork.

Unlike other trees, it does not yield any seeds that can be replanted to grow another tree. Instead, the player will have to manually craft the Sapling using one Cork and one Manure (prototyping it requires a Science Machine).

Claw Palm Trees have a chance to be Peculiar, making them investigable with a Magnifying Glass or Wagstaff's Spectoggles.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Claw Palm Trees originally had red leaves, but the color was changed in the Quality of Life update to make them more distinguishable from Rainforest Trees.
  • Despite Wickerbottom saying that the tree is a form of palm tree, when examining Cork she says it came from the Quercus Suber, a cork oak.

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