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I think these trees are a little lost.


Knobbly Trees are Plants exclusive to Don't Starve Together and introduced in the Waterlogged beta. They can be found in the Waterlogged biome. They can be grown from Knobbly Tree Nuts and can be chopped down with any Axe; a basic Axe will need 10 swings to cut it.

The Growth stages take 3 days from planting to short, and 4 days for each other phase. If unenriched, they revert back to the short phase after the tall one. When at its tall stage, Tree Jam can be used to enrich it, making it appear goopy. After 4 days, the tree will grow one flower and will be able to be enriched again. This can be repeated, gaining a flower each time. Instead of gaining a fourth flower, if enriched, it grows into an Above-Average Tree Trunk.

Knobbly Tree Nut

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The sea is a nutty place to plant a tree.


Knobbly Tree Nuts are dropped from Great Tree Trunks after being rammed into by a Boat. A Knobbly Tree Nut can be taken out of the water using a Pinchin' Winch,and can be placed back on the Pinchin' Winch to drop back into the water. After spending about 3 days in the water, it will grow into a Knobbly Tree's first stage.

Another way to drop the nut back into water is by destroying the Boat that has a nut on it. Place the nut at a desired location on a Boat and destroy the Boat by creating leaks or burning it down. An even cheaper way to accomplish this is with the Grass Raft, which will automatically lose health and sink, but can be burned by the impatient by overloading a campfire.

Knobbly Tree Nuts can be destroyed by Hammer to yield a stick.

Above-Average Tree Trunk

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The Above-Average Tree Trunk is the final form of Knobbly Trees. A fully-grown Knobbly Tree will grow into an Above-Average Tree after it has been enriched with Tree Jam four times, denoted by small pink flowers that grow on the tree each time it is enriched. One enrichment takes four days to clear, meaning a Knobbly Tree takes at least 16 days of constant enrichment to grow into an Above-Average Tree.

Similar to Great Tree Trunks, Above-Average Tree Trunks will spawn Mossy Vines (3 with a 33% chance of a 4th) and also spread a canopy over the surrounding area (about 9 tiles wide/high by 7 tiles on the diagonal). While not as large as the Great Tree Trunks' canopy, the Above-Average Tree's canopy provides similar protection from wildfires in the Summer, reduces 35% Wetness from Rain, and eliminates Overheating (max temp under the leaves is 63). It can be chopped down by any Axe, basic Axe will need 25 swings to cut it.

Prototype.png Tips

Planting the nuts every 10th tile orthogonally should yield mostly even coverage of the resulting shade.