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Wilson holding a Pitchfork to make the tile size visible

Tiles show up as highlighted squares when a Pitchfork is wielded over any turf. They form the square grid that all landform and item placements are based on. Various mods may display this grid as well. A Tile is the only accurate and visible distance in the game. Tiles are oriented so that the diagonals (not the sides) point North-South and East-West.

The diagonal of a tile is √2 (or 1.41) times the length of the horizontal or vertical sides. When the term, "Tile" is used as a one-dimensional measurement (for distance, in any direction), it refers to the length of a square side, not the diagonal.

4 walls exactly fill any single dimension of a tile (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), so a ¼ Tile could be called a "Wall".

A Metre is half a Tile [Verification Needed]

"Screen" is another distance measurement that might refer to (in decreasing order of accuracy):

  • The bright circle surrounding the player on the map. This measures about 12 tiles wide (8.5 on the diagonal).
  • Loading Radius. This is the area where the game loads and calculates detailed activities of mobs. The entire map is not updated constantly, only the area the player might see and some surrounding areas. This might be anywhere from 12-80 tiles in diameter.
  • The width or height of the visible area on any player's device. This varies widely with device shape, orientation, zooming, and various mods, so is not useful for discussion.

See also Time, the other fundamental world measurement in the game.

All turfs are laid out on a square grid (of tiles)