Ruined Sculptures

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Ruined Sculptures are statues introduced in the Hamlet DLC. They can be found occasionally in the Rainforest and Deep Rainforest biomes, as well as the Ancient Pig Ruins. There are seven different Ruined Sculptures that have different loot, including The Eroding Totem, the Tempting Idol, three types of Crumbling Visages, The Blue Sow and The Jeweled Truffle.

The Blue Sow and The Jewelled Truffle are unique in that they can only be found in special rooms of the Ancient Pig Ruins, which are typically hidden behind Suspicious Cracks.

Mining or chiseling the Ruined Sculptures found within Ancient Pig Ruins may trigger nearby Striking Carvings.

Gramophone.png Examination Quotes

Wagstaff Portrait.png
Evidence would suggest he's an important figure in the pig's past.

Wagstaff, examining a Crumbling Visage.

Walani Portrait.png
It'll take some work to get that top part off.

Walani, examining a Eroding Totem.

Willow Portrait.png
I should take that off and sell it to a pig.