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The Sparkling Pool is a naturally spawning item introduced in the Hamlet DLC. It can be found in the Painted Biome. Pangoldens drink from it lowering pool's stage. Player can use Gold Pan on the pool to receive one Gold Dust per stage. Sparking Pool can be drunk from / used up to 3 times before going dormant and invisible. The art changes depending on the stage.

Dormant pool have 20% chance to reappear again during Rain. Stage 1 and 2 Sparkling Pools will always collect rain to eventually refill itself to the stage 3. It takes about 3 minutes of rain to refill the pool one stage up. 

Prototype.png Tips

  • To make gold panning more reliable, players should prevent the pools from going into a dormant state. This can be achieved by eliminating pangoldens in the area or fencing the pools off. When using a gold pan on the pool, players should only use it up to two times on a stage 3 pool, ensuring that the stage 1 pool will refill itself during the next rain.

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