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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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Wilson Portrait.png
Otter den that, there's not much else there.

Wilson, when examining an empty Marotter den.

Marotter Dens are Boat-like structures exclusive to Don't Starve Together. They are found floating around the Coast of the Ocean, in the Shallow water. Each Marotter den houses 2 Marotters that will fill their dens with loot that they collect around them. A Marotter Den can be rowed or sailed around by a player like a normal boat, but will begin to degrade if it exits Shallow Water. Conversely, it will slowly repair itself if left within Shallow Water. A Marotter Den has an internal inventory of 4 slots. Marotters will fill these slots with 1 of a given item that they enter with. However, if the Marotter Den is unloaded and the night segment of a day ends, it will instead slowly fill itself with items from an internal list, including things that a Marotter would normally be incapable of taking.

Should a Marotter den automatically fill itself, it will draw from this list of drops.

Item Quantity
Barnacles.png 1
Kelp Patch.png 1
Bull Kelp Stalk.png 1
Driftwood Piece.png 2
Fish Morsel.png 2
Fish Meat.png 2
Kelp Fronds.png 2
Monster Meat.png 2
Meat.png 2
Morsel.png 2

Characters have a different set of quotes for when a Marotter Den is full of things to get.

Wilson Portrait.png
I otter have a closer look.

Wilson, when examining a Marotter den with stuff in it.


  • Years before any version of them were implemented, an unused and land-bound version of them was datamined from the Don't Starve: Newhome Beta files.

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