Mossy Vine

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The scientific term is "tree noodles".


The Mossy Vine is a naturally spawning object exclusive to Don't Starve Together and introduced in the Waterlogged beta. They hang from the canopy of Great Tree Trunks and Above-Average Tree Trunks. They produce Figs. After harvesting, they will regrow a new fig after 20 minutes (2.5 in-game days). They still grow during Winter.

Picking a Fig from a Mossy Vine of a Great Tree Trunk will alert nearby Sea Strider Nests, causing Sea Striders to emerge and swim toward the vine to investigate.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The code file of Mossy Vine contains two kinds of Hanging Vines from the Hamlet DLC, their code name is "oceanvine_patch".