Bramble Bloom

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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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Bramble Blooms are aggressive plants exclusive to the Hamlet DLC.

They spawn around Brambles during Lush Season, and can especially be found in the Rainforest, Deep Rainforest, Gas Rainforest, Plains, and Painted biomes. Bramble Blooms drop Bramble Bulbs when destroyed. They will not spawn or spread onto all crafted turfs. Due to these turf restrictions, they seem to avoid spawning in Lily Pond, Cultivated, and Pig City biomes.

A few days after Lush Season has started, Brambles will spawn in random locations. Seven Bramble Blooms will also spawn randomly among the world's brambles. All Bramble Blooms despawn within 0-0.5 days after the end of the Lush Season. Bramble Blooms dying in this way will not drop any loots.

If the player hits a Bramble Bloom in order to destroy it, it will damage the player 3 Health Meter.png for each hit. Wormwood can avoid this damage by wearing the Bramble Husk. Other characters can avoid damage by using a ranged weapon.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Ordinarily, only seven Bramble Bulbs can be obtained each year. This limit can be circumvented with the Aporkalypse Calendar. When the Aporkalypse is triggered (naturally or manually) all current Brambles and Bramble Blooms are slated to despawn (within 0-0.5 days for Bramble Blooms, 0-2 days for Brambles). Ending the Aporkalypse while it is still Lush Season will spawn new Brambles and seven new Bramble Blooms.
  • Bramble Blooms appear as an icon on the player's Map, so the player can easily find them.