Gingerbread Pig

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: Winter's Feast icon.png Winter's Feast

Wortox Portrait.png
Here little piggy!


Gingerbread Pigs are Mobs that were introduced in 2019. When player approach, they escape leaving a trace of Cookie Crumbles. In a similar way to Suspicious Dirt Piles, the player can follow the lead of a Gingerbread Pig until the end is reached. There will be an 80% chance to find 3 to 5 Gingerbread Pig Houses and a 20% chance to find a Gingerbread Varg.

Gingerbread Pigs can be killed for 3 Cookie Crumbles and one Holiday Cheer.

Gingerbread Pig House

Willow Portrait.png
I almost don't want to burn this one.


The Gingerbread Pig House was introduced in 2019. They have an 80% chance to appear after following a Gingerbread Pig. They can be hammered for five Cookie Crumbles and 1-2 Holiday Cheer.

Upon destruction, a cowering Gingerbread Pig can appear, but it dies quickly without dropping anything. They can be spawned in with the code "gingerdeadpig".

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