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That accursed thing!


The Gramaphone (or Phonograph) is a Structure that is seen in the Epilogue of Adventure Mode, nearby Maxwell, who is in the Nightmare Throne. It cannot be destroyed in any way, and it serves no practical function within the game. When Maxwell is first reached, the Gramaphone is playing the Ragtime theme that is used in some update trailers.

The Gramaphone can be turned off and back on. Upon turning it off, Maxwell will say, "Thank you. I have been listening to that song for an eternity." When turned back on, Maxwell will say, "I guess I deserve that." Freeing Maxwell will automatically stop the Gramaphone from playing, but once the player character is in the throne, the Gramaphone will play again, to taunt the player as it did to Maxwell.

A bunch of pieces that appear to be components for the Gramaphone can be found in the game's files, but they cannot be acquired without cheating tools or code trickery and serve no purpose.

In the animated short Taste of Home, Warly is shown to have owned a Gramaphone very similar to the one in-game. It played an odd song before Warly disappeared from the real world.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Gramaphone music emanates from Maxwell's Door while the door is open.
  • The game refers to this device as Gramaphone, while its real life counterpart is called Gramophone. Whether it's a mistake or purposeful is not known.
  • If the player spawns the Gramaphone using the Console and is resurrected next to it, the Gramaphone will be playing.
  • The Chorusbox Circuit plays a simpler, musicbox rendition of this song.
  • In the game files, the song that the gramophone plays is called "d9ney."
  • Wagstaff identifies the Gramaphone at the end of Adventure Mode as a Gramophone ML-77 in his examination quote for it.

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