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It show where stuff hiding? Gonna get it first, florp!


The Pirate Map is an item exclusive to Don't Starve Together introduced in The Curse of Moon Quay update. When studied, it opens a place marked with a cross on the map, in which a pirate cache is hidden. The Pirate Map can be obtained by killing a Prime Mate.

Pirate Stash

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"X marks the spot", eh?


The Pirate Stash or X is a structure that spawns at a random location in the world after exploring a Pirate Map. The stash stores various items and can be dug up using a Shovel. In addition to resources, the cache also includes items stolen from any players by Powder Monkeys.

Item Count Drop Chance
Palmcone Scale.png 2-4 100%
Cave Banana.png 2-4 100%
Tree Jam.png 2-4 30%
Gold Nugget.png 1-3 30%
Jerky.png 1-4 15%
Banana Shake.png 1-3 50%
Shovel.png 1 16%
Regal Shovel.png 1 4%
Blueprint (rare).png(Moon Quay Pirate Banner.png) 1 50%
Blueprint (rare).png(Polly Roger's Hat.png) 1 50%
Items stolen by Powder Monkeys