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Jungle Burrs are seeds dropped by Rainforest Trees in the Hamlet DLC. They are only dropped during the Lush Season when the Rainforest Trees bloom and Strong Winds blow, or the trees are chopped down. Burrs can then be planted to grow into a new tree. They cannot be planted on Rocky Turf, Wooden Flooring, Stone Road Turf, Flat Stone Turf, Lawn Turf, and Cultivated Turf.

If a Jungle Burr is planted in the Gas Rainforest Biome, it will grow a rotten version of Rainforest Tree instead of normal one.

In the end of Lush Season, when a Jungle Burr is being carried in the inventory, it will fall out and automatically plant itself within 0-0.5 days (if the turf is suitable for planting) where one is standing. This can also occur when it is dropped on the ground within 0-0.5 days. However, if there are more than 3 Rainforest Trees (including the burnt ones but not stumps) or too many obstacles around the Jungle Burr, it is dropped on turfs (including indoor floor) that cannot be planted, or it is floating on the water, it will just disappear within 0-0.5 days.

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