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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

Wheeler Portrait.png
Those are pretty leaves.

Wheeler, when examining a Rainforest Tree.

Woodie Portrait.png
I hate to see a tree like this.

Woodie, when examining a sick Rainforest Tree.

The Rainforest Tree is the main tree type which can be found in the Hamlet DLC. There are three different versions of it, each with different names, appearance, and loot. These trees are renewable, but only during Lush Season, when they bloom.

The Rainforest Tree is found in both the Rainforest Biome and the Deep Rainforest Biome. When chopped, it yields up to 3 Logs, and there is a 50% chance that it will spawn Vipers. After three in-game days, there is also a chance for Scorpions to spawn from a chopped tree. While there is a chance to get no Vipers or Scorpions, a maximum of 1 to 2 Vipers or Scorpions can be spawned depending on the size of the Tree. If a normal or tall tree doesn't spawn any Vipers or Scorpions, it will drop an Egg. Like most trees, the player needs a Shovel to dig up the stump to obtain an extra Log.

Sometimes, when hovering the mouse over a Rainforest Tree, the player can read "Peculiar Rainforest Tree" instead of the normal appellation, although the appearance is the same. This means it hides a peculiar item and can be investigated with a Magnifying Glass or Wagstaff's Spectoggles to discover it.

All kinds of Rainforest Trees can be turned into Cocooned Trees by other Cocooned Trees on Deep Rainforest and Dense Turf.

Cactus Flower.png Blooming

During the Lush Season, the Rainforest tree blooms and drops a Jungle Burr when Strong Winds start to blow. The Jungle Burr can be planted to grow a new tree. Chopping down a blooming Rainforest tree will also drop one or two Jungle Burrs, depending on its stage.

Diseased Log.png Sick

There is a also a rotten version of the Rainforest Tree, named Sick Rainforest Tree, which can only be found in the Gas Rainforest Biome. Even if they don't share the same appearance, they yield the same resources. Sick Rainforest Trees do not bloom during the Lush Season. However, it is renewable if a Jungle Burr is planted in the Gas Rainforest Biome and is allowed to grow, resulting in the rotten version of the tree instead of the normal one.

Silk.png Cocooned Tree

Wendy Portrait.png
Evil dwells inside.


The Cocooned Tree is a special type of Rainforest Tree, which spawns exclusively in the Deep Rainforest Biome.

Cocooned Trees serve as a nest for Spider Monkeys, similarly to Spider Dens. It is also surrounded by Sticky Webbing that will slow the player (except Webber) when stepped on.

When chopped, it drops 1 Log and 1 Silk as a short tree, 2 Logs and 2 Silk as a normal (medium sized) tree, or 3 Logs and 2 Silk as a tall tree, meaning that the player does not have to wait until the tree is fully grown to harvest the maximum amount of Silk. However, the Den (as well as the Sticky Webbing) will remain in place unless the stump is dug up. Digging the stump will provide the player with an additional Log, but no additional Silk.

Cocooned Trees themselves are able to convert regular Rainforest Trees into cocooned ones (only on Deep Rainforest and Dense Turf), making the Cocooned Trees renewable. They can, however, go extinct if the Spider Monkeys themselves are extinct.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • There are several unused Rainforest Tree textures which can be found in the game file. All of these look familiar, because they use Jungle Tree animations in the Shipwrecked DLC.
  • Unlike other trees, the smallest stage of Blooming Rainforest Tree will drop a tree seed.
  • Cocooned Trees will only convert regular Rainforest Trees if the player is far away from it (off-screen), as there is no converting animation.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • At the start of the Lush Season, not all Rainforest Trees will bloom, and at the end, stage 1 and stage 2 trees won't return to their regular state. This is due to the blooming chance is not 100%.

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