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The Teletransport Station is a special structure that can be placed, crafted and used only by Winona with the "Founder's Keepers II" skill. Winona can unlock it by using the Calibrated Perceiver on an Unstable Transmission. The Teletransport Station works only if it is placed near Winona's Generator or Winona's G.E.M.erator.

Winona players with the "Founder's Keepers II" skill can use the Portasol to teleport to the nearest Teletransport Station. If there is more than one Teletransport Station, you can use the Portasol while standing on one of the Teletransport Stations to teleport to the nearest Teletransport Station.

When a player teleports, it can teleport dropped items and mobs (that can be put in the player's inventory) that are very close to them. The player can also teleport while sitting on a Beefalo.

Teleporting longer distance will consume more energy from generators, but doesn't affect the Portasol usage.

Insight.png Skill Tree

Portability.png Portability

Winona with the "Portability" skill can dismantle and pick up a Teletransport Station into the inventory.


If a Teletransport Station was placed by Winona with the "Energy-Saver" skill, it will no longer use energy from generators while is not in use.


  • Unlike its Hamlet version(Telipad), the Teletransport Station has infinite range.
  • A main use of it in the early game is that it makes the time travelling half the time, because you can teleport to it instead of walking there.
  • The Teletransport Station is greatly improved by Energy-Saver.
  • One should make sure that the Teletransport Station are equal in distance, because it makes them easier to use and faster. (using a mod can make setting up them a lot easier)