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Oh, poop!


A Dung Pile is a naturally spawning object introduced in the Hamlet DLC, which can mostly be found in Tall Grass biome.  

Each Dung Pile will yield up to 3 items when dug. To obtain them, the player can either use their bare hands, or a shovel:  

  • If using bare hands, it will take 3 hits for the Dung Pile to be completely dug, and the player will lose 10 Sanity at each hit, for a total of -30 sanity per Pile. 
  • If using a Shovel, the 3 items will be yielded (and the Dung Pile completely dug) at once, without any Sanity loss. 


Manure and Rocks are the two most common items found in a Dung Pile, and at least one of these will be found each time a pile is dug. Bone Shards is also a common resource. More rarely, one can find Flint, Grass or Twigs.

The Dung Pile can spawn a Dung Beetle, along with its Dung Ball, which makes Rocks and Flint renewable. Be careful though: even if the first spawn doesn't destroy the Dung Pile, if a Dung Beetle is deprived of its Dung Ball, it will return to the closest Dung Pile, destroying it to make a new Dung Ball out of it.

It's a flammable object, and will yield an Ash if set on fire.

Prototype.png Tips

  • While the Dung pile is renewable only via BFB spawning, it's better to let the Dung Pile in place and wait for a Dung Ball to spawn if there's any need of rocks or manure.
  • If the player digs in a dung pile when playing as Wormwood the player will gain 10 sanity per dig for a total of 30 sanity per dung pile.

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