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An outstanding resource for dark fuel conduits.


Ancient Statues are structures found in the Ruins and part of the remnants of the Ancient Civilization.

When mined, they will drop a Gem and 1 Thulecite, plus a 5% chance of 1 extra Thulecite. The color of gem that drops will be the same type that appears on the statue, either in the staff or at the base. If the statue does not have a gem embedded in it, it will drop Nightmare Fuel in its place.

In Don't Starve, the color changes when reloading the game or travelling to the cave level and back. This makes it possible to choose which gems the statues will drop when mined; gemless statues will remain gemless however.

The appearance of the statues change depending on the current phase of the Ruin's Nightmare Cycle. They emit light during all phases, except "Calm". At the most intense state, the statues will be covered in Nightmare Fuel and gain a hazy glowing quality (though their light radius does not increase).  If mined during the Nightmare phase, there is a 30% chance for a Nightmarebeak or Crawling Nightmare to spawn, with equal chances.

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Eerily lifelike.


In A New Reign for Don't Starve Together, a new variant of the Ancient Statue can be found in the Atrium Biome, lacking gem sockets and having a rather organic appearance, which slightly resembles that of a terrorbeak. Instead of only transforming at the peak of the Nightmare Cycle, it will also change its state when the Ancient Gateway is activated. This version of the statue can not be destroyed. By killing the Ancient Fuelweaver, all Ancient Statues will respawn in their locations, making them renewable.

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  • Even though they can't be mined, broken down versions of the Atrium Statues can be found in the game files.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • The damaged versions of these statues will revert to its original form after saving and reloading the game.

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