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I’d never wanna meet one in person.


The Ancient Civilization were a race of magically and technologically adept beings who destroyed themselves by overuse of Nightmare Fuel (causing the periods of magical flux and possibly unleashing Shadow Creatures, which helped in bringing their downfall) The Ruins and Ancient Archive are the remnants of their civilization.

While little is known about them, examination quotes for Ancient Murals, Ancient Lunarune Stones, and images from the Metheus Puzzles offer hints on their history.

When examining the Ancient Fuelweaver and the Ancient Murals, a number of characters refer to the members of the Ancient Civilization as "bug people".[1][2][3] These quotes also reveal how the bug people were at one point weak and starving, living in fear.[4] The examination quotes from the Ancient Lunarune Stones explain that the Ancmembersere obsessed with the Moon, whom they referred to as a being called Alter.[5][6] At some point these people discovered Nightmare Fuel, which overtook their civilization.[7] The bug people then shed their outside exoskeleton "skins" and are reborn as creatures with new appearances.[8] It is at this point that they build a beautiful and prosperous civilization by harnessing the Nightmare Fuel to perform Magic.[9]

The Ancient Herald that appears during the Aporkalypse seems to be a member of this race, having a similar appearance to them.[10]

Appearance of the Ancient Civilization race strongly resemble that of a Terrorbeak: overall body structure and spinal spikes visible on statues in Atrium biome and on obelisk carvings can also be easily spotted on Terrorbeaks. Ancients' forked tail resemble the small legs of a Terrorbeak as well.

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  • The Ancients seem to have used electrical power in some form, as their Relics can drop Frazzled Wires when destroyed.
  • While little can be confirmed about their appearance, the appearance of the Mage Statue reveals that the ancients may have been arthropodic in structure, with a slightly knobby shell on their backs resembling that of a pill bug. It may be important to note that in the Nightmare Cycle, spikes can be seen extending from both the Head and Mage Statues, showing that they may have been able to extend spikes from their bodies maybe if angered or in self-defense.

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