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For the shadow monsters based on chess pieces in Don't Starve Together, see Shadow Pieces. For the boss in Hamlet, see Ancient Herald.
A creature made of the dark fuel! I must get closer!


A Shadow Creature is a type of Monster in Don't Starve. Hostile Shadow Creatures have a Sanity aura that drains the player's Sanity Meter.png Sanity at a rate of -100/min., but killing one will restore a small amount of Sanity. Shadow Creatures drop Nightmare Fuel when killed.

Shadow Creatures will spawn as nearly transparent entities when the player's Sanity drops below 82.5%. As Sanity continues to drop, they become more "real" (less transparent) and will begin to attack a player with less than 15% Sanity. It's not unusual for 3 Shadow Creatures to spawn at the same time and attack the player when this happens. They cannot be examined and are visible only to the player, meaning followers cannot help attack them. Shadow Creatures are immune to Tooth Traps and Bee Mines. Nearby Shadow Creatures will prevent the player from using a Straw Roll, Fur Roll, Tent, or Siesta Lean-to. In Don't Starve Together, players can assist those plagued by Shadow Creatures by attacking them. However, this causes the Shadow Creature to attack and follow that player instead.

Nightmare versions of Shadow Creatures appear in the Ruins and occasionally Caves, spawning from Nightmare Lights or Nightmare Fissures during the Nightmare Cycle. They're hostile regardless of Sanity, and will pursue the player until the Nightmare Cycle has reached the Calm Phase, at which point they despawn by turning into Nightmare Fuel (Don't Starve) or disappearing without any drops (DLCs and Don't Starve Together). Note that killing a Shadow Creature that has spawned from a Nightmare Light will not restore the player's Sanity.

Here is all Shadow Creature: