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Mr. Skitts is a small, serpent-like Shadow Creature that can appear at any time while the player's Sanity is below 82.5%. He cannot attack or be attacked. When approached, he will turn and slither away, disappearing from the screen. His only purpose is to remind players of their Sanity level and provide a scare.

Mr. Skitts will sometimes flicker on the screen for a fraction of a second, then disappear. He can also be seen flying into Obelisks as they are raised and flying back out of them when they are lowered.

He can also be seen coming out of chests in trapped set pieces and ornate chests when the player opens them, springing the trap.

Mr. Skittish

Exclusive to: Shipwrecked icon.png Hamlet icon.png

Mr. Skittish is the Shipwrecked version of Mr. Skitts and will only appear on sea.

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  • A group of Mr. Skitts will briefly appear when Maxwell summons a puppet using his Codex Umbra.
  • Mr. Skitts was shown as the "author" of the Lost Fragment mod.
  • Although Shadow Creatures cannot be examined, there are unused examination quotes for Swimming Horrors and Mr. Skittish in the game files.


  • Shadow Creatures make several appearances throughout the William Carter Puzzles.
    • Mr. Skitts and a Terrorbeak appear briefly in an intermission animation in the eighth puzzle.

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