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A tower that shoots a ranged attack at hostile creatures and regenerates 12 Health a second.

-for StructureScrapbook Description

Houndius Shootius is a craftable Item found in the Ancient Tab. It requires 1 Guardian's Horn, 1 Deerclops Eyeball, and 5 Thulecite to craft, and can only be crafted near an Ancient Pseudoscience Station. Like all items from the Ancient Tab, Houndius Shootius cannot be prototyped and Characters always need to be near an Ancient Pseudoscience Station to craft them again.

Once placed, the Houndius Shootius becomes a permanent Structure that will act much like an immobile Mob. It will automatically attack Mobs targeting the Character or any Mob that the player attempts to attack, except for Shadow Creatures. The Houndius Shootius briefly emits some light when charging a shot.

It has 1,000 Health and its projectile deals 65 damage per hit. When damaged, it will regenerate 12 Health per second and can also be repaired using non-edible healing Items. Each turret will drain 6.25 Sanity Meter.png per minute when the Character is close to them.

If killed the houndius will drop thulecite and thulecite fragments, and it can be dismantled with a deconstruction staff for 100% of its ingredients.

In Don't Starve Together, it is not limited since the Ruins can be regenerated by killing the Ancient Fuelweaver allowing 1 Houndius Shootius per regeneration.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Three Houndius Shootius can kill a Deerclops or a Moose/Goose with minimal help from the player. If the Deerclops cycles between them rather than focusing on one, it is possible that none will be destroyed.
  • Despite its name, it can be useful for much more than just Hound attacks.
  • If a player attacks a turret, other turrets will begin to attack it. Turrets will continue to fire at each other until one of them is destroyed or distracted.
  • The Houndius Shootius can be used in conjunction with a Bat Bat to heal quickly; its high Health and passive regeneration makes it ideal to attack and heal (at the cost of Sanity).
  • The Houndius Shootius is an excellent item to use to defend the player against Hounds over day 100. However the player could be swarmed before the Houndius Shootius kills the hounds so making 2 will be sufficient enough.
  • Players can use multiple Houndius Shootius to farm different Mobs penned inside Walls. Good examples of this are Bunnymen, and Vargs (from the Reign of Giants DLC).
  • A Houndius Shootius can be used to kill Birds cost free. Paired with a Feather Hat players can easily farm Morsels and Feathers.
  • Bee Boxes should be placed a good distance away from the Houndius Shootius, as the angry Bees that come out of a harvested Bee Box will be attacked and killed, slowing Honey gathering.
  • Players can use the Hostile Flare to fight Deerclops more than once per Winter season, with the goal to acquire more than one Deerclops Eyeball.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Houndius Shootius was added in A Moderately Friendly Update.
  • The Houndius Shootius bears a resemblance to an Obelisk of Light from Command & Conquer.
  • The Houndius Shootius was originally called "Minotaur Clopper". This was changed to "Mino-Clopper", and finally its current name, Houndius Shootius, alluding to its role against Hound attacks.
  • The maximum amount of Houndius Shootius one can legitimately possess in a single world without the Seed of Ruin is 32. When traveling through the Teleportato, a player can take 29 of them (15 in the inventory, 14 in a Krampus Sack) and 3 can be made in the new world. If you use Bundling Wrap and have a new world, the maximum is 119.
    • This means if you are dedicating a Megabase or so in Don't Starve or Don't Starve: Reign of Giants, you would have to use the Teleportato 13 times.
    • In the Shipwrecked DLC, this number has no limit since players can keep escaping Sandbox Mode worlds, which have been linked to a Shipwrecked one, infinitely, without affecting the Shipwrecked world. Players can thus store an infinite amount of Houndius Shootius in the Shipwrecked world.
    • The same goes for the Hamlet DLC as well, using the Skyworthy.[Verification Needed]
  • Judging from several character quotes, the Houndius Shootius appears to be sentient.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • If a target is killed while a Houndius Shootius is charging its shot, it will continue to charge the shot (emitting light) until a new target is available.
  • Hitting the Houndius Shootius with an Ice StaffFire DartFire Staff, or Weather Pain will cause it to attack the player.
    • This does not work in Don't Starve Together, as the Houndius Shootius will lose aggro immediately after having been damaged by a player. However, a player can still begin attacking the Houndius Shootius until it's destroyed with any weapon after triggering momentary aggro with the Weather Pain for example.

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