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Exclusive to:  Don't Starve Together icon.png
This content is available only after activating the Map Icon Shadow Rift.png Shadow Rift

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To protect my head while unraveling my mind.


Damage from Shadow Planar damage weapons will ramp up with consecutive hits if you can keep attacking.
Getting hit will break this damage chain.

-Scrapbook Description

The Void Cowl is a craftable head slot Armor exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in From Beyond. It can only be crafted while next to the Shadowcraft Plinth, requiring 4 Pure Horror and 2 Dark Tatters to craft.

The Void Cowl has a Durability of 830. It absorbs 80% of received physical damage and 10 flat received Planar Damage.

An extra 10% protection is added after the initial 80% (total 82%) to physical protection from Shadow Aligned creatures. When combined with the Void Robe, the total physical damage protection against Shadow Aligned creatures increases to 85%, as the extra protection added after the initial 80% becomes 25% instead of 10%.

Additionally, 10% Planar Protection is added before the flat Planar Defense against Shadow Aligned creatures. When combined with the Void Robe, this bonus becomes 25%; while combined with the Dreadstone Armor, it becomes 20%. This manner of protection is much more effective than the physical damage counterpart.

The Void Cowl can be used to increase the Shadow Reaper's damage while equipped. Initially, physical damage is increased by 10% and planar damage is increased by 5. It also increases damage by accumulating 4 damage per hit, the maximum being 24 damage, reached after 6 hits. The bonus disappears if the character removes the hood, or does not attack for 3 seconds. The Cowl can also buff Maxwell's Shadow Duelists' damage output, as it is a tier 3 equipment.

When the Void Cowl's durability reaches 0%, it does not disappear; instead, it is unequipped and can no longer be equipped until repaired. It can be fully repaired by one Void Repair Kit.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Void Cowl was added in the Terrors Below update.
  • In the Terrors Below update's beta release, the Void Cowl's eyes were supposed to change appearance based on what character you were using. However, due to technical difficulties with implementing this mechanic and poor skin compatibility, the Void Cowl now only displays two flaming eyes.

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