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Whose fruit or veggie will be mightiest?


The Produce Scale is a structure exclusive to Don't Starve Together and introduced in Return of Them. It is crafted at an Alchemy Engine with four Boards and four Cut Grass.

Players can submit a Vegetable to the Produce Scale to display its Weight. All vegetables can be placed, but only Giant Vegetables have a weight. If the new vegetable is heavier than the current vegetable, the new vegetable takes its place and the old one is dropped next to the Produce Scale. Examining the Produce Scale also tells the day of the vegetable's harvest. Vegetables placed on the Produce Scale have their rot timer paused. Vegetables preserved with Beeswax cannot be placed on the Produce Scale.

In addition to this, if the player sets their own personal record by a giant vegetable on the scale, it will show it in the Compendium in the form of a photograph. It will show the player's character posing beside it wearing whatever skin they were wearing at the time of harvest.


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