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Remember, back straight, move those arms!


Can Row in water to move a boat in a desired direction.

-Scrapbook Description

The Oar is a craftable Item in the Seafaring Filter, exclusive to Don't Starve Together, and introduced in Return of Them. It requires a Log to craft. An Oar can be used to move a Boat across the Ocean.

If used inconsistently (too little time between uses), the player will be splashed with water and gain 9 Wetness Meter.png, while the Oar will lose an amount of durability that is equivalent to 25 uses.

Higgsbury Red T-Shirt Icon.png Skins

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Belongings#Driftwood_Oar

In Don't Starve Together, Skins can be applied to certain items to change their appearance. Information on how to obtain specific skins can be found on the Belongings page.

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