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Ah, that takes me way back.


Used to mark a spot, and then used again to teleport to that spot.

8 minute cooldown. Even works between the Cave and the Forest.

-Scrapbook Description

The Backtrek Watch gives Wanda the ability to set a waypoint in space, and teleport to that spot at any time. The Watch has an 8 minute (1 day) cooldown, and is able to transport the player between shards (meaning between Surface and Cave in normal game).

After the watch has been activated, the examination changes to "Is it time for us to take a dip in the timestream?" letting the player know whether or not a destination has already been set. Should the destination be set within a different shard (usually the Caves if you are within the Surface shard and vice versa), her examination will change to "It'll be a big jump, but I can make it!".

It requires 2 Time Pieces, 2 Gold Nuggets and a Walrus Tusk to craft.

Rift Watch

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Why don't we all take a little jaunt to the past? It'll be fun!


Used to mark a spot, and then used again to open a portal to that spot that lasts for 10 seconds.

Using the portal costs 20 Sanity.

The Rift Watch will become a Backtrek Watch after use.

-Scrapbook Description

The Rift Watch requires 1 Backtrek Watch and 1 Purple Gem to craft. It is an upgraded version of the Backtrek Watch, which allows other players to quickly travel to the waypoint as well. Upon use, it will open a portal to the waypoint area for 10 seconds, and any players can travel through the portal. Characters besides Wanda and Walter will lose 20 sanity as they jump into the portal. After use, the Rift Watch will transform back into a Backtrek Watch, losing the purple gem. The waypoint will be kept.

The watch can also be made by socketing 1 Purple Gem, similarly to how a purple Moonlens is made, potentially saving on time spent making more.

Prototype.png Tips

  • If a watch is at an undesired location and you wish to replace the anchor point, using the Clockmaker's Tools and recrafting the watch will allow you to reset the destination.
  • Wanda can use the Rift Watch to carry heavy objects like Chess Pieces easily, by creating the portal first, then picking up the objects and jumping into it. Backtrek Watch can not do the same though, as it can not be activated when Wanda is carrying heavy objects.
  • Do not set an anchor point while on a boat. If the boat moves away, the anchor point will stay at the same place, causing anyone unfortunate enough to use the corresponding watch to immediately drown.

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