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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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The Living Artifact is a craftable Item exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. In order to craft it, the player must obtain a Blueprint from the Large Iron Hulk. It requires 6 Infused Irons and a Magic Water to craft.

When used, the Inventory and Crafting Tabs will be removed from the screen, and all items the player has will drop onto the ground, similar to the Werebeaver transformation. Hunger, health and sanity will also be removed, replaced by the Living Artifact's durability, which decreases by 1 every second, lasting a total of three minutes. When attacked while in the suit, no penalty will be taken, save for a brief stun. The Suit also gives full night vision and a speed boost. The Artifact also has full use of a Machete (2×efficiency), Pickaxe (3×efficiency), Axe (4×efficiency), Shovel (1×efficiency) and Hammer (3×efficiency). While in the suit, the Iron Hulk soundtrack will play.

When using the suit, the mouse will display a prompt to "charge" with the RMB. When the action is selected, the player will shoot a ball of fire similar to the projectiles used by the Large Iron Hulk. The player can also right-click for a few seconds, and the artifact will launch a bomb, which deals 100 damage and sets the target on fire. While in use the map will no longer be available to view.

The Living Artifact will beep faster and faster as the durability lowers and the screen will turn red until it reaches 0. Once it reaches 0, the suit will explode off the player, setting fire to anything flammable within a small radius. The player will return to normal, with sanity, health, and hunger filled to maximum.

Prototype.png Tips

  • It is recommended to use the Living Artifact for Boss Monster battles as it is extremely powerful; it not only grants invincibility with the ability to deal hundreds of damage in seconds, it also makes the player immune to any negative effects and night vision for late fights.

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The Living Artifact is based on the Marvel Avengers superhero, Iron man.