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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

Tab Icon.

The Rugs Tab is a crafting category exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is found under the Renovate Tab. Rugs can be rotated in multiple directions.

Craftable Items and Structures

The following items and structures can be acquired in the Rugs Tab:

Name Recipe Description Spawn Code
Eye Rug.png
Eye Rug
Oinc.png×2 "Stylish paranoia." rug_round
Wilson Portrait.png
I feel like someone's watching me.

Wilson, when examining an Eye Rug

Square Throw Rug.png
Square Throw Rug
Oinc.png×2 "Compact and fringed." rug_square
Wilson Portrait.png
Kind of square.

Wilson, when examining a Square Throw Rug

Oval Rug.png
Oval Rug
Oinc.png×2 "Rose patterned." rug_oval
Wilson Portrait.png
It's a rug.

Wilson, when examining an Oval Rug

Large Rug.png
Large Rug
Oinc.png×3 "Large rug, rectangular." rug_rectangle
Wilson Portrait.png
It covers a lot of ground.

Wilson, when examining a Large Rug

Fur Throw Rug.png
Fur Throw Rug
Oinc.png×5 "100% Beefalo hide." rug_fur
Wilson Portrait.png
A dead animal someone left on the floor.

Wilson, when examining a Fur Throw Rug

Hedgehog Rug.png
Hedgehog Rug
Oinc.png×5 "A trendy floor covering." rug_hedgehog
Wilson Portrait.png
I can step on you!

Wilson, when examining a Hedgehog Rug

Porcupus Rug.png
Porcupus Rug
Oinc.png×10 "A great status piece." rug_porcupuss
Wilson Portrait.png
A dead animal someone left on the floor.

Wilson, when examining a Porcupus Rug

Hoofprint Rug.png
Hoofprint Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Elegance with a dash of cute." rug_hoofprint
Wilson Portrait.png
Did an animal step on this or is it just decoration?

Wilson, when examining a Hoofprint Rug

Octagon Rug.png
Octagon Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Eight sides of comfort." rug_octagon
Wilson Portrait.png
It's a rug.

Wilson, when examining an Octagon Rug

Swirl Rug.png
Swirl Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Hypnotic." rug_swirl
Wilson Portrait.png

Wilson, when examining a Swirl Rug

Catcoon Rug.png
Catcoon Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Rustic." rug_catcoon
Wilson Portrait.png
There's a dead animal on the floor.

Wilson, when examining a Catcoon Rug

Rubbermat Rug.png
Rubbermat Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Industrial." rug_rubbermat
Wilson Portrait.png
Good for the lab.

Wilson, when examining a Rubbermat Rug

Web Rug.png
Web Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Sticky." rug_web
Wilson Portrait.png
Oh what a tangled web we weave...

Wilson, when examining a Web Rug

Metal Rug.png
Metal Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Metallurgic sophistication." rug_metal
Wilson Portrait.png
I better test its metal.

Wilson, when examining a Metal Rug

Wormhole Rug.png
Wormhole Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Non-active." rug_wormhole
Wilson Portrait.png
Just a reproduction.

Wilson, when examining a Wormhole Rug

Braid Rug.png
Braid Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Homemade." rug_braid
Wilson Portrait.png
It's a rug.

Wilson, when examining a Braid Rug

Beard Rug.png
Beard Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Recycled from chin shavings." rug_beard
Wilson Portrait.png
Is that my beard?

Wilson, when examining a Beard Rug

Nailbed Rug.png
Nailbed Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Prove your will power." rug_nailbed
Wilson Portrait.png
I think they nailed it.

Wilson, when examining a Nailbed Rug

Crime Rug.png
Crime Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Don't ask." rug_crime
Wilson Portrait.png

Wilson, when examining a Crime Rug

Soccer Rug.png
Soccer Rug
Oinc.png×5 "Geometric luxury." rug_tiles
Wilson Portrait.png

Wilson, when examining a Soccer Rug