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Mon dieu, I can think of much better uses for a potato.


Improves vision in a storm.

Will help locate mysterious holograms.

-Scrapbook Description

The Astroggles is a craftable item exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. It requires 2 Moon Shards and 1 Potato to craft. A Sewing Kit repairs 100% of its durability. The Rare Blueprint required to craft the Astroggles will be given to players by Wagstaff the first time they enter a Moonstorm. The durability of Astroggles is restored by 10% each time a Moongleam crackles with electricity near one, whether it is on the floor, or on a player carrying or wearing one.

When walking in a Sandstorm or Moonstorm while wearing Astroggles, the character will not be slowed down and the visual effects that are limiting the player's field of view will be largely reduced.

While wearing Astroggles in a Moonstorm, a directional indicator will be visible that points to Wagstaff's current location if he is nearby, similar to those shown for other players.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Due to its relatively low durability, it is advised to either wear chest armor while wearing Astroggles in a Moonstorm in order to not take too much damage when recharging the Astroggles via Moongleam, or to bring a Sewing Kit.
  • It may be desirable for a player to bring two Astroggles and switch them out periodically, as being shocked by a Moongleam restores the durability of all Astroggles in a player's inventory.
    • Alternatively, bring Desert Goggles along because of its 10x longer durability (using Astroggles to find Wagstaff, and switching to Desert Goggles otherwise).

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