Syrup of Ipecaca

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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Mmmm! Make food for friends!


The Syrup of Ipecaca is a character-specific Vegetable food item exclusive to Don't Starve Together. It can only be crafted by Wormwood after unlocking Poor Sap.png Poor Sap in his Skill Tree.

When fed to a vegetable-eating creature, such as a Pig, Werepig, or Beefalo, it will cause it to start panicking and dropping Manure while taking damage every 3 seconds. The effect lasts for 45 seconds, dealing a total of 75 damage (95 including base damage) and dropping 15 Manure (or 1 extra if the creature drops Manure when fed). If eaten by another player, it will have no effect other than the base stats.

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