Puffed Potato Soufflé

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Wolfgang is very proud of tiny cooking friend.


Puffed Potato Soufflé is a Warly-specific Food Item cooked in the Portable Crock Pot, that is exclusive to Don't Starve Together. It requires two Potatoes and an Egg, and takes 40 seconds to cook. The filler can not be Inedible or Meats.


  • Requires: Potatoes.png
  • Requires: Eggs Crock Pot.png
  • Excludes: Inedible Crock Pot.png
  • Excludes: Meats Crock Pot.png

Cookbook.png Recipe

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Puffed Potato Soufflé.png
Filler can not be Inedibles or Meats

Prototype.png Tips

  • When comparing the minimum ingredients required to cook it to the output, this is the least efficient dish in the game, losing even more stat points over its ingredients than the joke dish Powdercake. As such, even Warly players should opt for other uses for their potatoes; such as Fancy Spiralled Tubers for similar hunger to its ingredients and some sanity, Creamy Potato Purée for benefits similar to a cooked potato and 33 sanity (Keep in mind Warly cannot eat cooked potatoes himself), or simply hand them to other players in a multiplayer setting as potatoes cooked over a fire have great stats.