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Hmm, propagate a dying species or enjoy a light snack?


A Doydoy Egg is a large spotted blue-green egg. They can be found by picking Doydoy Nests, which are spawned when Doydoys mate. Unlike Tallbirds, Doydoys will not chase the player if their egg is stolen. Doydoy Eggs will hatch into Baby Doydoys only when they are in a Doydoy Nest, and unlike Tallbird Eggs they cannot be made to hatch around Campfire. However, placing them in empty Nests allows them to hatch.

When used in Crock Pots, Doydoy eggs will have an Egg value of 1 (this is the same as 1 Egg). Thus, it is not recommended to use Doydoy Eggs in cooking unless you have at least 2 Doydoy Eggs or living Doydoys.

Fried Doydoy Egg

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Stupidly tasty protein.


A Fried Doydoy Egg is the result of cooking a Doydoy Egg over a Campfire, Fire Pit, Obsidian Fire Pit, Chiminea, Krissure, or Star.

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  • Wickerbottom's quote on Fried Doydoy Egg is a reference to children's book by Dr. Seuss "Green Eggs and Ham".

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