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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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Let's have a tea party!


Tea is a Crock Pot dish introduced in the Hamlet DLC. It requires at least two Orange Pikos and 1 Sweetener, and excluding Meats, Vegetables, Twigs, and Ice. Adding ice will instead result in Iced Tea.

Tea restores 3 Health, 12.5 Hunger and 33 Sanity when consumed. It also increases the player's temperature by 15 and their walking speed by 2.5 (half as much as Coffee) for 2 minutes.

Tea spoils into Iced Tea instead of Rot after one day.


  • Requires: Orange Piko.png
  • Requires: Sweetener.png
  • Excludes: Meats Crock Pot.png
  • Excludes: Vegetables Crock Pot.png
  • Excludes: Twigs.pngIce.pngWeevole Carapace.png

Cookbook.png Recipe

Orange Piko.png
Orange Piko.png
Crock Pot.png


Orange Piko.png
Orange Piko.png
Crock Pot.png

Placeholder.png Trivia

Tea (Pig Fiesta).png
  • During the Pig Fiesta event, Tea takes on a more festive appearance.
  • Ironically, putting Tea in an Ice Box will slow down its "spoilage", making it take twice as long to turn into Iced Tea.
  • The recipe for Tea includes Orange Pikos as a play on words for orange pekoe, a specific grade of black tea.
  • Tea and Iced tea overrides the effect of coffee and each other respectively.