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It appears seed-like.


Magic Water is an item exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It can be obtained by interacting with the Fountain of Youth. Interacting with the Fountain also spawns the Pugalisk from Ominous Carving. Magic Water can be planted to grow a Magic Flower that regenerates Sanity at the cost of Hunger when the player stands close to it. Eating the Magic Water will cure Poison.

The Magic Flower also functions as a Meat Effigy. It is destroyed upon revival, and will lower the player's maximum health like a Meat Effigy. Magic Water can be retrieved after planting it by digging up the Magic Flower with a Shovel.

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  • Exploring the Ancient Pig Ruins or Caves (in a vanilla or Reign of Giants game) with Magic Water and a Shovel is ideal, since it can regenerate the sanity lost by monsters in the ruins or the Caves in general all at the expense of a constant food supply; plus, it works like a Meat Effigy without the necessity of the spending material in making one, and is very easy to remove.
  • If the player doesn't feel prepared to fight the Pugalisk but still desires the Magic Water, all they need is a clear route from the Fountain of Youth to the ruin's exit and an armor, so no monsters or obstacles can stop them when fleeing the Pugalisk. The player should be mindful that the Pugalisk will still be on the other side.
  • Magic Water can fully heal from 1 HP all of the characters except for a completely upgraded WX-78, which still restores their HP by 75%.
  • Players should be careful when leaving the Magic Water on the ground (not planted) in a Pig village, since the inhabitants could eat it.
  • Magic Water will regenerate at the Fountain of Youth after using the Magic Flower or taking it to other worlds. This means that, with a Skyworthy on both sides of a world, one could get infinite amounts of Magic Water.
    • Storing the Magic Water inside of a Bundling Wrap is also effective for farming them.
  • Wigfrid cannot use Magic Water to heal herself because it is classified as a non-meat food.

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