Leafy Meat

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Wigfrid Portrait.png
I suppöse it's clöse enöugh.

Wigfrid, when examining Leafy Meat.

Leafy Meat is a meat food item obtained by harvesting a Lureplant. When a Lureplant has not devoured anything else, it will dangle this item to lure prey into its field of Eyeplants. If another Meat is eaten by the Eyeplants, then the Lureplant will dangle that instead.

Since it is considered meat, Leafy Meat can be given to a caged bird for an Egg, used to befriend (or bait) a Pig, and traded with the Pig King for Gold. Carrying or picking up a Leafy Meat will anger a Bunnyman. As a meat item, Wigfrid can eat Leafy Meat, while Wurt cannot. It can be added to the Crock Pot with an ingredient value of 1 Meats.

Cooked Leafy Meat

Webber Portrait.png
It smells kind of rotten.

Webber, when examining Cooked Leafy Meat.

Cooked Leafy Meat is the product of cooking a piece of Leafy Meat over a Campfire, Fire Pit or star. Compared to the raw version, it fills hunger a little more, fills 1 additional point of health, and removes the sanity penalty.

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In Hamlet DLC, Leafy Meat can also be obtained by killing any levels of Snaptooth Seedlings, Snaptooth Flytraps and mob Hanging Vines.

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