Tropical Bouillabaisse

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Exclusive to: Shipwrecked icon.png

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An inventive twist on a traditional Marseille dish.


Tropical Bouillabaisse is a Crock Pot dish introduced in the Shipwrecked DLC. It is made from a Purple Grouper, a Neon Quattro, a Pierrot Fish and Vegetables with a total value of 1.0. The cooked versions of the fish are also valid.

Tropical Bouillabaisse takes 40 seconds to cook, and restores 20 Health Meter.png, 37,5 Hunger Meter.png and 15 Sanity Meter.png when eaten. Tropical Bouillabaisse cannot be used to trade with the Yaarctopus.

When consumed, Tropical Bouillabaisse grants the player the buffs of the three fish required to create it: it instantly reduces the player's temperature by 12 degrees (to a minimum of 35 degrees), and grants the player a 60 second effect that increases their Speed by 2 (25%), greatly accelerates the rate at which the player's Wetness decreases, and prevents the player from having their Wetness increased or their Boat damaged by both common and big Waves. These buffs do not stack with the dish's individual components.


  • Requires: Purple Groupers.png
  • Requires: Neon Quattros.png
  • Requires: Pierrot Fishes.png
  • Requires: Vegetables Crock Pot.png

Cookbook.png Recipe

Purple Groupers.png
Neon Quattros.png
Pierrot Fishes.png
Crock Pot.png
Tropical Bouillabaisse.png


Purple Grouper.png
Neon Quattro.png
Pierrot Fish.png
Crock Pot.png
Tropical Bouillabaisse.png

Prototype.png Tips

  • The speed increase from Tropical Bouillabaisse will stack with Coffee for even greater speed.
  • The protection from wetness and boat damage granted by this dish also allows the player to receive a speed boost regardless of which direction the player hits waves. Not only does it help greatly when dealing with the Quacken, Sealnado, Tiger Shark, and Whales, but it also makes the Encrusted Boat an extremely speedy vessel especially during hurricane season when waves are prolific.
  • While Wigfrid refuses to eat Coffee because it is not a Meat item, she is still able to eat Tropical Bouillabaisse to gain a small movement speed boost.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Tropical Bouillabaisse was added to the Shipwrecked DLC more than a year after its official completion in the Home Sea Home update, after being tested in a beta branch for several months.
  • The code suggests that Tropical Bouillabaisse was originally intended to have two separate speed increases, one for land, and one for sea, but this feature appears to be incomplete.
  • Tropical Bouillabaisse has the highest priority of all Crock Pot dishes, with a priority of 35.

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