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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

Tab Icon.

The Chairs Tab is a crafting category exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is found under the Renovate Tab. All Chairs can be rotated in multiple directions.

Craftable Items and Structures

The following items and structures can be acquired in the Chairs Tab:

Name Recipe Description Spawn Code
Fancy Chaise.png
Fancy Chaise
Oinc.png×15 "Hoity toity place for your bottom." deco_chaise
Wigfrid Portrait.png
A place to rest after a hard day's battle.

Wigfrid, when examining a Fancy Chaise

Fancy Chaise.png
Classic Chair.png
Classic Chair
Oinc.png×2 "A rosy little chair." deco_chair_classic
Willow Portrait.png
It'd be better if I could burn it.

Willow, when examining a Classic Chair

Classic Chair.png
Corner Chair.png
Corner Chair
Oinc.png×2 "For side sitting." deco_chair_corner
Woodie Portrait.png
A big arm chair for two to curl up in.

Woodie, when examining a Corner Chair

Corner Chair.png
Oinc.png×2 "The ominous look." deco_chair_bench
Walani Portrait.png
I could sleep on that!

Walani, when examining a Bench

Horned Chair.png
Horned Chair
Oinc.png×2 "Grim and comfortable." deco_chair_horned
Waxwell Portrait.png
Not as good as my throne.

Maxwell, when examining a Horned Chair

Horned Chair.png
Oinc.png×2 "Take a load off." deco_chair_footrest
Wilson Portrait.png
Somewhere to rest my feet.

Wilson, when examining a Footrest

Lounge Chair.png
Lounge Chair
Oinc.png×2 "Molded wood." deco_chair_lounge
Wendy Portrait.png
A place to sit and contemplate my demise.

Wendy, when examining a Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair.png
Massager Chair.png
Massager Chair
Oinc.png×2 "You'll never need another chair." deco_chair_massager
Webber Portrait.png
Um...I don't trust it.

Webber, when examining a Massager Chair

Massager Chair.png
Stuffed Chair.png
Stuffed Chair
Oinc.png×2 "Bagged." deco_chair_stuffed
Wheeler Portrait.png
A nice way to relax.

Wheeler, when examining a Stuffed Chair

Stuffed Chair.png
Rocking Chair.png
Rocking Chair
Oinc.png×2 "It rocks." deco_chair_rocking
Wilba Portrait.png

Wilba, when examining a Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair.png
Ottoman Chair.png
Ottoman Chair
Oinc.png×2 "You oughta love it!" deco_chair_ottoman
Wormwood Portrait.png
Foot thing

Wormwood, when examining an Ottoman Chair

Ottoman Chair.png

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