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My heart makes ice too.


The Ice Maker 3000 is a Science structure that can be built in Shipwrecked DLC. It is powered by Fuel items. When fueled, it spits out Ice once every 30 seconds. If the machine runs out of fuel before 30 seconds pass since the last Ice production, the machine will turn off and no additional Ice will be produced until the machine is fueled again, and the additional fuel is wasted. It holds a maximum of 90 seconds of fuel, and each fuel item added increases the working duration equal to their burn time in a Campfire. This means a maximum of 6 Twigs or 2 Logs can be put into the machine at any one time.

It is automatically fueled for 45 seconds when built and will immediately begin production of Ice. The players cannot turn off the machine while it is fueled. When examined, some characters have different quotes depending on the remaining amount of fuel left in the machine; otherwise, there is no other indicator for the fuel level. The Ice Maker 3000 will not produce Ice while flooded.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Combined with a big enough Tree Farm, and some snake-infested Viney Bushes or Spider Dens, this machine can completely nullify hunger problems by making Meatballs.
  • If a Crock Pot recipe does not allow twigs for its filler, but does allow frozen items, players can use Twigs as fuel in the Ice Maker 3000 to convert it into ice at a 2:1 ratio. However, 6 Twigs are the maximum amount of fuel allowed in an Ice Maker 3000, and the process is going to take some time.

Placeholder.png Trivia

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • When Hammering the Ice Maker 3000, it will appear invisible.
  • If the player fuels the Ice Maker (at least enough for 1 Ice) and goes a good distance away for some time, the Ice Maker will produce as many Ice offscreen as the corresponding time (6 minutes = 12 Ice) without spending its current fuel, despite it being at maximum capacity.
    • However, it will return to its normal running fuel-timer when the player returns to it.

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