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They seem breakable... but I don't think that'd be wise.


The Cracked Pillars are naturally spawning structures exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in the Wilson Rework Update. They appear 2 in-game days after the start of a world in the Muddy Biome in the Caves, along with the Nightmare Werepig and chains locking the creature in place.

The Cracked Pillars possess a layer of Marble that can be mined to expose the Dreadstone that prevents the Nightmare Werepig from moving.

Hitting an exposed Cracked Pillar with a strong mining tool will cause it to vibrate for a short period of time, which will loosen its chain. Making all Cracked Pillars vibrate at the same time frees the Nightmare Werepig and initiates the boss fight. The tools that work to vibrate the Pillars are:

The Nightmare Werepig's ground slam attack is the only thing that can ultimately destroy the Cracked Pillars, causing 3-4 Dreadstone to drop from each Pillar.

After defeating the Nightmare Werepig, the Cracked Pillars will respawn after 20 days along with the Nightmare Werepig.

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