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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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Is plant or puppy? Wolfgang is confused!


The Briar Wolf is a hostile Mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together. It was added in A Little Drama update. Briar Wolves spawn from briars disturbed by the player. They serve as a source of Costumes needed for Stage performances, which they drop upon death.

Though they normally only spawn from Briars, Briar Wolves are also created by the stage itself if players try to start the show during a closed curtain or if players initiate a performance without wearing the required costume(s). The stage will summon three wolves, which drop various loot when they die:

Sets Items
Miner Pickaxe.pngMiner Hat.pngLight Bulb.png
Gardener Watering Can.pngGarden Hoe.pngGarden Digamajig.png
Fisherman Sea Fishing Rod.pngWooden Ball Bobber.pngSunrise Spoon.png
Tourist Axe.pngBackpack.pngShovel.png
Hunter Spear.pngGrass Suit.pngTrap.png
Meteorologist Rabbit Earmuff.pngJerky.pngUmbrella.png
Tailor Top Hat.pngSewing Kit.pngPretty Parasol.png


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How odd. This rose bush appears to be... breathing.


Briars are Plants in Don't Starve Together. They are part of a unique Set Piece in which four of them surround a Marble Statue. When harvested or attacked, the Briar transforms into a Briar Wolf. Briars will respawn after one in-game day.

Briars deal 1 damage when harvested.

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