Wobster Mound

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

For the Shipwrecked equivalent, see Wobster Den.

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Even crustaceans need a place to sleep now and den.


The Wobster Mound are naturally spawning object exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. They are present in Coastal Ocean close to the shore of the main continent.

Wobster Mound spawns a Wobster every 2 minutes during Dusk and Night, for up to 2 Wobsters. When killed they regenerate in 90 seconds.

The Wobster Mound can be mined for 3 Rocks plus a 50% chance of one extra, 2 Wobsters plus a 50% of one extra, and releasing all the inhabiting Wobsters (up to 2).

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