Tidy Hidey-Hole

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Poor things, their home is no longer safe from us.


The Tidy Hidey-Hole is a naturally spawning object exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. It can be found in the Ancient Archive biome. The Tidy Hidey-Hole spawns only one Dust Moth at a time. If the dust moth is killed, it respawns 10 days later.

When the Dust Moth is fed an Amberosia, it will ornate its Tidy Hidey-Hole with Thulecite. This process takes 6 minutes. Once decorated, the Tidy Hidey-Hole can be mined for 3 Thulecite Fragments plus a 75% chance to get one extra, plus a 50% chance to get one extra, plus two 25% chances to get one extra along with a 1% chance to drop one complete Thulecite. One harvest yields on average the equivalent of 4.81 Thulecite Fragements.

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