Winter's Feast Table

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: Winter's Feast icon.png Winter's Feast

Warly Portrait.png
Ah yes! A proper feasting table!

Warly, when examining an empty Winter's Feast Table.

Only special Winter's Feast dishes can be placed on this table.

When the "food" on this table is "eaten" it gives a Winter's Cheer buff to the survivor.

The buff heals the survivor 0.5 Health per second, 10 Sanity per minute and 75 Hunger per day as well as halting the regular hunger drain.

The buff's duration is based on how grand the feast is. More tables connected together, more survivors feasting together and a varied number of dishes will increase the duration of the buff.

-Scrapbook Description

The Winter's Feast Table is a Structure introduced in 2019. It requires 1 Board and 1 Beefalo Wool to craft. Only Winter's Feast Dishes made from the Winter's Feast Cooking Filter can be placed on the table; any other food will be rejected. Multiple tables can be connected to each other to increase the amount of dishes.

When players feast at a Winter's Feast Table, they gain a buff that regenerates 0.5 Health Meter.png per second, 10 Sanity Meter.png per minute, 75 Hunger Meter.png per day and stop the normal hunger drain over the duration of the buff.

The dishes of all connected tables are eaten slowly during the feast, they are fully consumed after 1 minute of the feast. The duration of the buff is extended according to the number of dishes consumed. When several players feast on connected tables, they all benefit from the buff and the duration of the buff is extended for all players. Players dying with more than 25 seconds of buff will drop a Holiday Cheer.

The table below gives the additional buff time for each dish consumed and the corresponding health, sanity and hunger gain (taking into account the stopped hunger drain).

Restauration per dish
Dish Number of
player feasting
Duration Health Meter.png Sanity Meter.png Hunger Meter.png
Duplicated dish Independant 48s 24 8 15
New type 1 player 72s 36 12 22
2 players 88s 44 14 27
3 players 100s 50 16 31
4 players 109s 54 18 34
5 players 116s 58 19 36
6 players 123s 61 20 38
7 players 129s 64 21 40
8 players 134s 67 22 41

Detailed formula

The total duration of the buff starting from the beginning of the feast is given by (in sec):

7 + time × [1.2 × (#type) × (#player)^0.3 + 0.8 × (#dish - #type)]

where time the duration of the feasting (in sec), #type is the number of different dishes on all connected tables, #player the number of players feasting, and #dish the total number of dishes.