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That's gotta be one of those tropical trees.


Palmcone Trees are Plants exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in The Curse of Moon Quay update. It can be found on Moon Quay Island. They are renewable through the Palmcone Sprouts dropped from an Unnatural Portal.

Chopping a tall Palmcone Tree will drop 3 Logs along with 2 Palmcone Scales and 1 Palmcone Sprout.

Digging its stump will result in 2 additional Logs.

Prototype.png Tips

  • As Palmcone Trees only drop 1 Palmcone Sprout at their Tall stage, the only way to plant more Palmcone Trees is through the Unnatural Portal.
  • Palmcone Trees are a great alternative to Evergreens, as they drop more logs and Palmcone Scales, which are required to craft the Cannon Kit and Dock Kit.
  • Palmcone Trees do not spawn Tree Guards, allowing for repeated log harvests using Bearger's charge attack without putting Bearger at risk.

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