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I can sit under it and contemplate life's futility.


The Tea Tree is a tree type exclusive to Don't Starve: Hamlet DLC, found in the Cultivated Biome outside of the Hamlets. A fully grown Tea Tree yields 1 Twigs, 2 Seed Pods, and 2 Logs when chopped.

A Tea Tree may be infested, and will spawn a Piko or Orange Piko during the day or when chopped, as well as housing the Piko during evenings and nights. Pikos will continue to spawn from and return to the stump of a chopped Tea Tree. Once the stump is dug up, the spawner is destroyed. Piko-infested Tea Trees are created during world generation. Trees planted by the player will not spawn Pikos but can be infested with homeless Pikos.

Because any housed Piko will drop from the tree when it is chopped down, one of the drops will often be stolen immediately when chopping an infested Tea Tree. Pikos will bring stolen loot back to their respective trees. Stolen items may be recovered by chopping down the tree it was stored in.

Like other trees, Tea Trees have a chance to be Peculiar, making them investigable with a Magnifying Glass or Wagstaff's Spectoggles. Chopping down Tea Trees near Birchnut Trees can cause the Birchnut Trees to turn into Poison Birchnut Trees.

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  • Tea Tree can be infested with Piko without destroying its previous spawner: If a Piko is captured and wrapped into a Bundling Wrap and opened, the Piko will become homeless thus will find and infest a nearby Tea Tree. However, the Piko might steal the Wax Paper immediately upon opening the Bundling Wrap before running and infesting a Tea Tree.
  • Tea Trees, although easier to obtain their seeds from than Rainforest Trees, drop less logs than other trees, therefore, it is best to instead buy and plant Pine Cones from Ms. Sow’s Floral Arrangements and instead chop down Tea Trees for their seed pods, only chopping down Tea Trees in the early game whilst preparations are being made..

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  • When chopping Evergreen Trees next to Tea Trees a Tea Tree might turn into a Tree Guardian looking exactly like an Evergreen Tree. The same happens when chopping down Tea Trees next to Birchnut Trees.

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