Winter's Feast Dishes

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: Winter's Feast icon.png Winter's Feast

Captures the spirit of food when this is put on a Winter's Feast Table. The more, the merrier.

-Scrapbook Description

Feast Recipes
Feast Name Recipe Cook time (sec) Spawn code
Merry Berrysauce.png Merry Berrysauce Holiday Cheer.png Mosquito Sack.png×2 16 "berrysauce"
Bibingka.png Bibingka Holiday Cheer.png Foliage.png×2 20 "bibingka"
Cabbage Rolls.png Cabbage Rolls Holiday Cheer.png Cut Reeds.png×2 16 "cabbagerolls"
Festive Fish Dish.png Festive Fish Dish Holiday Cheer.png Spoiled Fish Morsel.png Petals.png 20 "festivefish"
Good Gravy.png Good Gravy Holiday Cheer.png Rot.png Bone Shards.png 20 "gravy"
Latkes.png Latkes Holiday Cheer.png Twigs.png Cut Grass.png 16 "latkes"
Lutefisk.png Lutefisk Holiday Cheer.png Spoiled Fish (DST).png Driftwood Piece.png 28 "lutefisk"
Mulled Punch.png Mulled Punch Holiday Cheer.png Dark Petals.png Ice.png 20 "mulleddrink"
Panettone.png Panettone Holiday Cheer.png Stone Fruit.png×2 20 "panettone"
Pavlova.png Pavlova Holiday Cheer.png Lune Tree Blossom.png×2 20 "pavlova"
Pickled Herring.png Pickled Herring Holiday Cheer.png Flint.png Salt Crystals.png 24 "pickledherring"
Polish Cookies.png Polish Cookies Holiday Cheer.png Butterfly Wings.png×2 20 "polishcookie"
Pumpkin Pie.png Pumpkin Pie Holiday Cheer.png Ash.png Phlegm.png 20 "pumpkinpie"
Roasted Turkey.png Roasted Turkey Holiday Cheer.png Log.png Charcoal.png 24 "roastturkey"
Stuffing.png Stuffing Holiday Cheer.png Beard Hair.png×2 20 "stuffing"
Sweet Potato Casserole.png Sweet Potato Casserole Holiday Cheer.png Rocks.png×2 20 "sweetpotato"
Tamales.png Tamales Holiday Cheer.png Stinger.png×2 20 "tamales"
Tourtiere.png Tourtiere Holiday Cheer.png Birchnut.png Pine Cone.png 20 "tourtiere"

Merry Berrysauce


Cabbage Rolls

Festive Fish Dish

Good Gravy



Mulled Punch



Pickled Herring

Polish Cookies

Pumpkin Pie

Roasted Turkey


Sweet Potato Casserole