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What a beaut! Lucy outdid herself!


The Hardwood Hat is a Character-specific wearable Armor Item for the head slot craftable by Woodie in Don't Starve Together. It can only be crafted in Woodie's Survivor Filter after unlocking Hat Carving in his Skill Tree. It requires 6 Logs, 1 Pine Cone, and Lucy the Axe to craft, with Lucy not being consumed in the process.

The Hardwood Hat can be equipped by any character and absorbs 70% of incoming physical damage. Additionally, it negates damage caused by falling items from Earthquakes in the Caves. It can also be added to a Campfire or Fire Pit for fuel, even when its durability is nearly gone.

Prototype.png Tips

  • The Hardwood Hat is a cheap item Woodie can craft in the very early game and give to any character, which may be helpful before players find materials for better Armor.
  • This item may be useful even in the late game as players can equip followers such as Bunnymen or Wurt's Loyal Merm Guards with Armor at a low cost.

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