Malbatross Bill

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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Can Row in water to move a boat in a desired direction.

-Scrapbook Description

The Malbatross Bill is an Item exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. It is dropped by the Malbatross upon death.

The Malbatross Bill can be used as an Oar to row a Boat. It lasts for 1,500 uses and applies 2.66 times the force of a regular Oar to the Boat. If used inconsistently, it may also increase the player's Wetness by 9 Wetness Meter.png while losing an amount of durability equivalent to 6 uses. The Malbatross Bill can also be used as a Weapon.

It can also be found in a Loot Stash.

Icon Tools.png Usage

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Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Malbatross Bill was introduced in the Salty Dog update.
  • In the March 2022 QoL update, the usage was increased from 600 uses and the blueprint requirement for the Waterfowl Can was removed.