Giant Grub

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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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Giant Grubs are non hostile Mobs exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. They will spawn in Mant Hills. They act similar to Depths Worms in the Caves; they will burrow underground and then attempt to bite their target, but will also damage nearby mobs when going back underground. It will respawn roughly fifteen seconds after being killed. They will neither spawn within Warrior Mant rooms, nor the Queen Womant's room.

Their main purpose is to ensure that the player doesn't set their base up in a Mant hill, even if the nest has been cleared. Their short respawn time and bad drop(s) further proves this claim. Worse comes to worse, Giant grubs aren't all bad as they are somewhat decent at defeating the Mants present in the hill or distract them at the very least, though they will barely make a dent on anything else, including themselves.