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You should see the otter guy.


Marotters are amphibious Mobs exclusive to Don't Starve Together. The marauding otters will spawn from Marotter Dens in groups of 2 and will wander around them in a radius of 7.5 tiles. Like other diurnal critters, Marotters will leave their dens in the morning and return during night, while sleeping in all day during Winter.

After spotting something they want to steal within a 5 tile radius of themselves, they will navigate to that item (maintaining chase and attacking a player or mob to make them drop the item if necessary), take it, and then retreat back to their den. This will add said item to the den's inventory. Marotters have herd instinct and thus will aggro onto anything that attacks another Marotter nearby.

Marotters will gladly smack open chests and fridges in order to knock an item out, proceeding to eat the item if it is meat or classified as "Horrible", and typically stealing it if it is not. Marotters will steal anything that is considered edible to any mob, following the Food Type system, meaning they will steal things like Rocks and Grass or Twigs too.

Search the Marotter Dens will not aggro Marotter, but once you row the Marotter Den, Marotters will start to attack the player.


  • The attack a Marotter does in order to knock an item out of a players inventory is fast enough for it to be extremely difficult to avoid even if you are walking away from them. However, if the player is anticipating this attack, they can cancel their stealing attack by simply hitting them before the animation has a chance to complete. This will, of course, aggro the target and the surrounding Marotters, so one must be prepared for a fight.


  • The assets for Marotters were first seen within the files of the Don't Starve: Newhome Beta.
    • The Marotters sounds were also found in the Don't Starve Together Hook, Line, & Inker update sounds file.
  • In update 620060, Marotter's animations on surface were accidentally removed. Because of this, all Marotters in the game became invisible. This was quickly fixed in update 620148 [1]


  1. JesseB_Klei on the Forums: "620148 has been set live for the invisible Otters."