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Shadow Puppets are Shadow Creature versions of Maxwell that do his bidding. While the puppets are active, they will aid Maxwell in combat as well as also aiding him in cutting trees and mining rocks. However, they have low health and will die quickly in combat against more able foes. Shadow Puppets will automatically die 2.5 days after their creation. Upon its death, the player gains back the 55 max sanity from the puppet.

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A shadow puppet sailing.

In the Shipwrecked DLC, Shadow Puppets summon shadow Row Boats to follow Maxwell into the Ocean. The Shadow Puppets act as though they are sailing, yet the boats do not have Sails and have the same speed as a normal Row Boat. Shadow boats can only be driven by shadow puppets, and disappear when the puppet exits the boat. It is possible to enter a shadow Row Boat when not being used by a Shadow Puppet, by quickly entering it before it disappears. However, doing so results in a crash. Shadow Puppets will help hack things.

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In Don't Starve Together, shadow puppets are divided into two types - the shadow servant and the shadow duelist. Each of them is summoned by Codex Umbra and takes 15% of Maxwell's maximum sanity per summon. Shadow puppets can be called at a specific location and do not leave the area within a four-turf cell radius of the summoning location. They automatically begin activities appropriate to their functions. You can have a maximum of 6 puppets summoned at the same time, although it is best to summon only 5 to prevent shadow creatures from spawning, unless you intend to farm nightmare fuel or have the bone helm.

Shadow Servant

This servant is a handyman capable of mining, digging, harvesting, and picking up items. For 4 minutes after being spawned, the servant will mine for resources within a four-turf cell radius of the spawn point and then disappear. When cutting down trees, the servant will also dig up the remaining stump. Shadow servants have one inventory slot, and will pick up items within their range before returning them to the summoner.

Shadow Duelist

The shadow duelists will attack any creature that approaches their summon range, as well as anything that the summoner attacks, or anything that attacks the summoner; however, the shadow duelists are not able to attack shadow creatures, like the crawling horror/nightmare. The duelist has 75 health, and 20 base damage which various modifiers can increase. The duelists will die after 2 minutes if they are in active combat or if the summoner is within their range, but they will die in 10 seconds if they are not actively engaging in combat.

The duelist has two types of attacks: normal strike and dash. The dash has a cooldown of 8 seconds and deals 1.5 times the damage of the normal strike. If the summoner is not within the summon range of the duelist, the dash cooldown is increased to 16 seconds.

Even though the duelist has only 75 health, it is still durable in combat due to its damage reduction. From the time of summoning, the damage that another creature can inflict on them is limited to a value of 15 HP, which increases by 5 HP every 2.5 seconds if the duelists don't take damage. This means that damage taken will be equal to the duelist's total health in 30 seconds.

After taking damage, duelists disappear and appear nearby, like horrors.

Damage Modifiers

The duelist's initial damage is 20 but can be increased with Maxwell's equipped items. The item level is multiplied by four and added to the initial damage. The damage increase only works when the distance between Maxwell and his minions or between Maxwell and his target is smaller than four turf cells.

Items Level Damage
Nightmare Amulet.pngDeconstruction Staff.pngFire Staff.pngIce Staff.pngStar Caller's Staff.pngTelelocator Staff.pngThe Lazy Explorer.pngOne-man Band.pngTurf-Raiser Helm.pngGardeneer Hat.png 1 +4
Top Hat.pngDark Sword.pngNight Armour.pngThulecite Club.pngThulecite Crown.pngThulecite Suit.pngBat Bat.pngBelt of Hunger.pngShield of Terror.pngDreadstone Armor.pngDreadstone Helm.png 2 +8
Bone Helm.pngBone Armor.pngVoid Cowl.pngVoid Robe.pngUmbralla.pngShadow Reaper.png 3 +12
Shadow Thurible.png(filled) 4 +16

Thus, the duelist's maximum damage is 60 units when equipped with a shadow thurible, and any head gear and body gear from tier 3.


  • In DST, although you can get a maximum of 60 damage with the shadow thurible and tier 3 equipment, it is actually better to use the Shadow Reaper, or the Dark Sword instead, as your DPS will be bigger if you are actively hitting the enemy. As such, the best DPS can be achieved by using the bone helm, bone armor and shadow reaper, while having 6 duelists summoned. Using the Void Cowl instead of bone helm will decrease your DPS output, as shadow creatures will keep attacking you if you have 6 puppets summoned.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The footsteps of the puppets make a faint warping sound.
  • Despite being Shadow Creatures, passive animals will avoid puppets and neutral mobs will fight back against them. Puppets are also unable to help the player against Shadow Creatures.
  • In Don't Starve Together, if Maxwell executes an emote, his puppets will stop whatever they are doing and will run over to Maxwell before proceeding to do the same emote.
    • They will do the dance emote with both /dance and /step emote.
  • The description "Diggy diggy hole" is a reference to the song "Diggy Diggy hole" by the Youtube channel Yogscast.

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